My search for the enigmatic artist “Hubert” began over 30 years ago in the 1980s after I serendipitously discovered his beautiful etching titled “Bouquinistes Notre-Dame et il pont de l’Ardeche” hidden beneath a mirror in my garage. Deeply moved by his work I began my quest to discover the identity of this unknown but very gifted artist. With no clue other than his signature I began a blog titled Chasing Hubert in the hope that somewhere out in cyberspace someone might have information leading to a positive identity. My journey has led me along many diverse roads and different paths of exploration and along the way has brought insight into not only the world of art but of life itself. In the spring of 2018 Hubert was identified as the artist Léon Salles. Rather than the chase ending there instead a new journey has begun – that of bringing Léon Salles into the light….