I consider myself something of a Francophile. I admire the history, the culture, the food, the fashion, the language, the people, AND Hubert (although I shouldn’t assume that Hubert is French simply because the subject of his etchings are always French scenes.) While most of my friends in school opted to learn Spanish I chose French, the language of love. I knew someday French would come in handy. Especially so, when chasing Hubert solo I chanced upon a Hubert etching for sale on French ebay.  Thrilled to discover the French connection I plunged ahead convinced that language would be no barrier for me.  Immediately I sent off a note in French seeking info about Hubert and inquiring into the possibility of purchasing the etching. I eagerly awaited their response. I’m still waiting – they never responded to my polite French inquiry.  When I inserted my letter into an online French-to-English translation site I realized why. My note read:

Excuses if you please. I speak far from French.Have you any information on the artist? I am very interested by engraving titled ‘Notre Dame de Paris’. Is what you do you sell to the United States and if so, how much is engraving and what type of payment you accept? Thank you infinitely of any help you can give me.

Memories??? I think I was actually doing okay until that last line. How did my French transpose ‘Best Regards’  into ‘Memories’? I don’t know but I can only guess that when they came to my closing salutation images of a deranged woman in a cat’s costume warbling the theme to the Broadway musical scared them off.

This chasing Hubert is not going to be easy.  Maybe I ought to take the search to Paris…

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