"I first came because of the name: Serendipity. It’s one of my favorite words. It’s such a nice sounding word for what it means: a fortunate accident." Sara, from the movie "Serendipity"

I went to the library this week to check out a new release I was looking forward to reading only to find that it was unavailable. As I was about to leave, sitting on the desk was a copy of a new book “The Best Vintage Antique and Collectible Shops in Paris.” I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was just what the print expert at the NY Public Library ordered. I whisked out my library card and as I mused about my fortuitous discovery, the librarian commented, “Must be serendipity!”

I’ve always loved the sound of that word. According to the dictionary, serendipity is “when interesting or valuable discoveries are made by accident.” A fortunate accident may be an oxymoron but many of life’s memorable moments are due to fortunate accidents or serendipity. I first met my husband when I fell off a bicycle. I found my house when babysitting a friend’s daughter when she made an emergency visit to the doctor.  I met two of my dearest friends when my husband and I, late for a bus tour in Antigua on an anniversary vacation, were the last to board the already full bus. My husband squeezed up front next to the driver and I became the third wheel in the two-person back seat of the bus next to a lovely and funny Scottish couple with whom we’ve spent every anniversary with since.

Perhaps my best example of a serendipitous moment was purchasing a tacky mirrored beer sign for its pretty frame and discovering a beautiful colored etching of a Paris scene signed by Hubert hidden beneath. Call it serendipity, karma, or just plain good fortune, I believe finding Hubert is somehow tied into my destiny. So when I spied the book “The Best Vintage and Collectible Shops in Paris” just sitting there on the library desk waiting for me I viewed it as the happy accident that might lead to a Hubert breakthrough. I sent emails in French to shops listed in the book that might include etchings. So far no response, but serendipity brought Hubert into my life and I’m counting on a bit of serendipity to bring me a little Hubert happenstance…

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