"Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities." Terry Josephson

Question of the week – when do we accept our limitations and when do we stretch a little further? It was a long, hot, Hubert-less summer. Every minute lead I gathered over the past months seemingly evaporated in the oppressive humidity of the dog days of summertime. Even my hope went on holiday. But it was the words of my yoga guru that led me to doubt the likelihood of ever finding Hubert

My co-worker, good friend and current car-pooler, and I recently enrolled in a yoga class to limber up and de-stress. During a particularly challenging pose, our instructor’s chant “accept your limitations” seemed directed exclusively towards me in more ways than one. Nearing the one year mark of my search it was time to face the realization that I might never find Hubert.

A last ditch effort to contact the bouquiniste society resulted in a terse reply from the man in charge. Emails to three different hotels that were depicted in three different Hubert etchings has yet to yield a single response. My attempts to locate a library, gallery, or museum in the same town as the hotels has been an exercise in frustration due to my French language impairment. Downward Dog may be a popular yoga pose but it could just as easily describe the downhill direction my Hubert quest has taken.

The yoga guru might have me submitting to that which is beyond the realm of possibility but it was the words of art teacher, part-time French resident, and Hubert supporter whose email gave me the shot in the arm I needed to realize that your limitations are not an excuse for failure.  Along with some valuable suggestions she pointed out that waiting was also an alternative, “be patient and persist, you might be a pioneer in exposing Hubert.” So for now, I persevere AND wait because, as they say, good things come to those who wait….

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