"Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why." Eddie Cantor

I’ve taken an unintentional Hubert hiatus this summer. Life events took over and my search for Hubert fell somewhere between family, work, and trying to keep pace in a hurried world. Sadly, Hubert fell from an overriding obsession to a random rumination. Hubert’s fall from grace was perhaps also due to the dearth of information from any of the many resources I contacted over the last 22 months.

What started out as a delightful journey to discover the identity of my beloved artist I had, through sheer impatience, allowed my quest to become a chore. So wrapped up in my earnest endeavor to identify Hubert as more than a mystery etcher with a distinctive signature, I slowly lost the joy in my purpose.

For the same reason I read the last page of a book first, and scan the dessert menu before ordering the first course, and sometimes finish my husband’s sentence before he can get the words out of his mouth, I’m anxious to cut to the chase, to reach the final conclusion. A member of the instant gratification generation I expected if not immediate results then surely a positive identification after a year of intensive searching.

It took a speeding ticket to slow me down. Heading north for a mini-vacation, I was looking forward to a chance to chill out and relax. I packed 3 books to read, a knitting project to finish, several magazines, a few new recipes to whip up and my laptop to complete a work assignment. Anxious to get there, focusing on the ultimate destination, I overlooked everything along the way – including the speed limit. A piercing siren, flashing lights and one stone-faced state trooper ensued writing up a very costly ticket that made me realize my need for speed was instead setting me up for failure.

And so, here I am again, bolstered by the realization that sometimes you have to simply let life run its course and wait patiently for the benefits of hard work…

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