"Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee." Michel de Montaigne

November was my month for trying new things. A milestone birthday for daughter #3 was approaching and we decided to celebrate with a trip. Although most people would elect to visit a tropical clime to escape the approaching winter season, we opted instead for an excursion to frosty Iceland for our adventure.

It was a week of “firsts” from the moment we landed at Keflavik Airport. Glaciers, geysers, waterfalls, hot springs, volcanoes, lava fields, black sand beaches, northern lights – the enchanting landscape was so unlike that with which we were familiar. Iceland completely captivated us with its otherworldly ambiance. Perhaps the most memorable “first” was a trip to the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa.

It was mid-morning and the sun was just beginning to rise. A cool, crisp wind blew over the warm waters creating a mist that gave the lagoon a surreal appearance. As I bathed in the warm, mineral-filled geothermal waters I let relaxation take over and every worry in the world wholly melted away. It was at that moment that I realized that this was, simply, living in the moment. I was focused on the present with all of my senses, thoroughly enjoying the experience without rushing through the process. How much more meaningful life is when we allow ourselves to seize the moment. The past is over, the future is never guaranteed, and all we really have is this very moment. All we have is right now.

In November I also attempted a new approach towards chasing Hubert. I came across an online expert question website that connects people with questions to an expert in a relevant field. After paying $38 I sent my question along with one of Hubert’s etchings to an expert in Fine and Decorative Arts: Renaissance through Contemporary. Her response was “Hello, these are vintage 20th century views of European cities. They were generally sold as decorative wall art or to tourists….” Duh! Tell me something I don’t know. I requested and received an immediate refund. In all fairness, perhaps it was naive of me to expect a resolution to my years of chasing Hubert in a simple email. I did, however, think that I would come away with something more than what’s already been posted in this blog. I suppose I was in the moment or, more likely, having a moment…

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