"By replacing fear of the unknown with curiousity we open ourselves to an infinite stream of possibility." Alan Watts

Eleanor Roosevelt believed we should “do one thing every day that scares you.”  Not as fearless as Eleanor my belief instead is “do one thing every year that scares you.”  I was able to check off this years scare in June when I ventured west of the Rockies for a vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with one of my daughters. Looking for adventure my daughter signed us up for a white water rafting trip. Clearly she was familiar with Eleanor Roosevelt’s words because she booked us on a super small raft for lots of whitewater action.

Cymophobic since childhood my idea of adventure was more along the lines of fly fishing on the shore of a placid river, however, I allowed myself to be coaxed into a more thrilling excursion because, after all, if Eleanor could do this 365 days a year surely I could muster up enough courage for one day. Suited up in bathing suit, wet suit and life jacket I prepared to face my fear head-on as we paddled through rapids with hair-raising names such as The Big Kahuna only to find that the action of being caught up in the rapids was so exhilarating that it released all of my fears. I discovered that my anticipation was worse than the reality. Alfred Hitchcock, the king of suspense, said “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it”.

At the same time Chasing Hubert led me to face a different type of unease. This time it wasn’t anxiety of a physical nature but it compelled me to step out of my comfort zone. I went out on a limb and bought another Hubert etching. Only this one was by the artist Hubert Morley, an American artist whose etching caught my eye because in addition to being lovely the character of the image reminded me somewhat of my mystery Hubert. Upon reading further about Morley I discovered that he lived around the same time as Hubert and saw army service in 1918. Could it be possible that Hubert Morley and Hubert are one and the same? Maybe Morley was in France during his army service. Maybe he etched while in Europe. A lot of maybes for sure but it has been suggested that Hubert was a souvenir artist so the possibility does exist. When nothing is certain anything is possible…..

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